Monday, June 7, 2010

Necesities: Organization

Here at Pony & Peony I hope to have a little on-going section of things that have worked for me. Part trial and error and part tips and tricks but entirely things that have worked (or not worked )for me.

Everyone's endeavors are different and things that work for others may not work for you so these aren't hard fast rules and I hesitate to even call them advice. But anyway it will be an ongoing series of posts.

I decided that the first course of action called for organization, not one of my strong suits. Fortunately my hubby is very encouraging and inspires me to set do-able goals for myself and that's something I decided to put in writing and to a timeline.

So first things first I found a planner that inspired me, because I'm one of those people that can't get inspired by ugly supplies. Sorry, visual aesthetics are important to me! Not too frilly and not too utilitarian. I actually came across this one at Walmart, the "weekly/monthly dated planner" by Studio C, one that begins in July no less!

I also decided I would devise a system of rewards so I also picked up some "rewards stars" stickers.

My aim is to write do-able goals for each day/week/month and for every day that I accomplish set goals I will mark with a star. That way I can look back and be encouraged by all the progress I'll (hopefully) be making.

Time will tell if this system works.

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