Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Color Pop

Yes you saw it coming didn't you?
Well my last Flower Friday post was a sort of "wedding bouquet" edition so the natural progression from that was Wedding Wednesday.
I just recently got married (mere months ago) and I had quite the time finding things that fit my aesthetic.  The internet made that a tad easier but I was left with a huge surplus of visuals that I now feel like sharing partly because I never got a chance to do it before my wedding (due to certain circumstances we only had about a month to actually put things together and had a pretty tight budget to boot.)
Anyway since I was chock full of budget ideas I didn't actually have time to do myself I just want to share some of that thrifty inspiration.
To start off my series I thought I'd feature a wedding that I personally relate to so much because I did some version of the same things.

I love everything about this fun and colorful wedding.  And those shoes!

The bride, with a Christmas ornament bouquet, explains that she couldn't just decide on one color so she ended up going for all the colors, based on the theory that all colors go together.
I relate to this wedding so much because that's what happened to both me and my sister when we got married and we both ended up having multi-colored weddings.  I even wore shoes I had glittered myself!

Yes you saw it coming didn't you?

She even let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses, and in my opinion they all go together.  They don't match, they contrast but the look is still cohesive.  Incidentally these three colors are exactly the colors I wanted for my bridesmaids too.

And the paper flower centerpieces are just killer.
It reminds me so much of things that I wanted or did for my wedding that I shiver, with the only exception that I went more for pastels than brights.
Anyway click here to learn more about this fantastic wedding!

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