Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Gaga for Garlands

Garlands seem to be a huge trend in blogland and it's easy to see why.
Few things can fill up otherwise empty space overhead so strikingly.  Some people might even say it's sinful to leave so much space empty and undecorated when you can make something beautiful and colorful to fill it up.
Most of them look so downright mouthwatering that it will leave you gaga for more.  The best part is that even without a helpful tutorial, with a little imagination and ingenuity you could make all of them yourself.  Hanging them is another story...

Yarn pompom garlands via here.
This amazing flower installation...
and fringed garland via here.

A color bursting fabric garland that you can make yourself here.
Another easy garland that is uniquely fluffy.  Learn how to make this one too here.

With so much color being incorporated into weddings you don't even have to settle for the accordion tissue paper garlands!  Although if you have those old fashioned paper garlands, here's something new you can do with them.

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