Sunday, October 17, 2010


Alphonse Mucha (al-FONSE MOO-kah) is one of my favorite artists of the 20th century ever.
I am not a student of art, I just like what I like for particular reasons.
Depiction of Poetry
Mucha was a Czechoslovakian who painted in the Art Nouveau style of the classic 1920's.  His work is readily identifiable and unique in his use of decorative elements of the decade such as curved arches, ornate styling, and "stained glass" effect.  While he came to fame in his lifetime due to his success in commercial work, his work enjoyed a resurgence in the psychedelic art of the 1960's as well.

He was particularly prone to painting whimsical fairy-goddess like women in diaphanous gowns in the style of the 20's, lounging, pondering or floating about, surrounded by elements of movement and nature -- crowns of fragrant flowers in their hair, folds of fabric whipped about their body by an invisible wind, dipping their toes in luxurious perfumed rivers, long hair roiled in graceful curls, walking through a forest with boughs that sway and bend before their slightest touch to let these ladies pass.
Maybe it's Mucha's proclivity to ethereal beauty, his elements of nature, the style of the 1920's, the stained glass effect of his painting technique or all or none of the above that calls to me.
Mucha is best known for his series depicting women as different elements: the Seasons, the Arts, the Hours of Day, the Celestial Elements.
Concert advertisement
Depiction of hours of the day
Depiction of the seasons

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