Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Hanbok Beauties

 Hanbok : Traditional Korean dress consisting of a long sleeved, wrap-around blouse or jacket and a long, high-waisted voluminous skirt. 
Represents ideals of grace and modesty.
"Commoners" wore white for everyday and in vibrant colors for special occasions such as weddings and celebrations.
Hanbok Lynn breaks away from that tradition but at the same time fuses and embraces it with modernity.  Its a fusion that I would argue still underlines the grace and modesty of the original Korean garment.

hanbok (5)hanbok (6)
hanbok (2)
hanbok (7)
Modern Fusion Hanbok - the traditional korean dress given an update using unusual materials such as chiffon, in lighter colors

For more the official Hanbok Lynn site go here (it is all in Korean).
For image sources and to see more beautiful hanbok gowns go here or here!

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